(PMA) is a ministry of compassion with a focus on outreach to our community, evangelism and discipleship to the poor in spirit and to those experiencing incarceration. James 5:11 says, “The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.” We endeavor to always live out our faith and be “Christ-like” to the extent humanly possible, bearing with one another in kindness, love, mercy and compassion as God has done with us. At PMA, we have walked by faith and love since 1926.

Prison Ministry of America (PMA) is holding fast during these trying economic times, bringing hope and restoration through literature, prayer and spiritual counseling to men and women who have been incarcerated. PMA is one of the last remaining organizations in the country that provides an in-prison evangelistic program where prisoners can acquire Bibles and Christian literature at no cost. The support and counseling provided by PMA Chaplains is a vital link to restoration and healing for those vulnerable people we serve. PMA’s professionally trained outreach teams consist of pastors, teachers, evangelists and musicians who present the Gospel message through strategically designed programs consisting of scripture study, worship, and testimony of how Jesus Christ can and will transform lives.

The wonderful thing about God’s plan is that we are mutually blessed when we serve. It is not by our works anything is accomplished; but it is God working through us, with resources and wisdom offering a in Christ. We are all recipients of God’s undeserved grace and mercy, and it is a blessing to be of service. I know you will be blessed working with PMA. As you pour out, you will be filled back up.

I want to welcome you to this exciting new adventure and assure you that your family and your life-plan is important to the leadership of PMA. We will do whatever we can to provide ongoing training and professional development opportunities for our chaplains, employees and ministry partners. We want to be a strong viable community partner for years to come and we are only as strong as the people who serve alongside us. So you are a treasure to PMA, and I’m sure it will be a joy to serve here. To find out more about this ministry please visit

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